Current Projects

Project Support for 2018

Inter Pares - Maternal health clinics in the Philippines

Inter Pares, a Canadian social justice organization, received $5000 in funding for the Likhaan Center for Women's Health in the Philippines. Likhaan provides comprehensive primary health care and family planning clinics as well as support to youth groups in the areas of peer sex education and LGBTQ rights. Interpares 2018

EcoEquitable - Providing employment and skills training for new immigrant women and the underemployed

EcoEquitable is an Ottawa charity that provides immigrant and underemployed women with sewing training, financial literacy, hands-on experience and individual mentoring in order to be a bridge to a sustainable livelihood and long term employment. This project received $5000 to enable the purchase and installation of industrial sewing equipment. This is a "green" organization which uses recycled and unsold fabrics. EcoEquitable 2018

WaterAid Canada - Providing clean water and sanitation in birthing clinics

WaterAid Canada received $5000 in funding for the Deliver Life Project in rural Tanzania whose goal is to reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality through the provision of clean water, sanitation and hygiene services. At the twelve targeted clinics, mothers will be able to give birth safely, with clean water and expert care. WaterAid