Current Projects

Project Support for 2017

Inter Pares - Maternal health clinics in the Philippines

Inter Pares, a Canadian social justice organization based in Ottawa, will receive $5000 to support Likhaan, a women's health organization in the Philippines. The Likhaan staff are locally trained women who provide pre- and postnatal care and family planning to over 30,000 patients annually. InterPares

War Child Canada - Providing education and livelihoods for children and families in the South Sudan

War Child provides Accelerated Learning Programs and Functional Literacy and Numeracy classes for young people who have been displaced by violence and are falling behind in their education. This project will receive $1000 to facilitate the training of local teachers. War Child

EcoEquitable - Providing employment and skills training for new immigrant women and the underemployed

EcoEquitable is an Ottawa charity that provides immigrant and underemployed women with sewing training, financial literacy, hands-on experience and individual mentoring in order to be a bridge to a sustainable livelihood and long term employment. This project will receive $5000 to help fund needed supplies and staff. This is a "green" organization which uses recycled and unsold fabrics. EcoEquitable

Care Canada - A Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies initiative in Africa

Care Canada works with families, communities and health authorities to improve agriculture, nutrition, water supplies, hygiene, sanitation and promotes equality and the empowerment of women. This initiative will receive $3000. Care Canada

WaterAid Canada - Providing clean water and sanitation for schools in Africa

WaterAid Canada is recieving $1000 to allow 25 schools access to safe water, basic toilets and hygiene education to help children realize their potential and prepare them for a healthy life. WaterAid