Fund Management

Depending on their designation and how their funds are received and held, charities must spend specific amounts each year (the disbursement quota) on charitable works to maintain their registered status.

T.J.F. receives donations designated to either, or both, the Capital Fund or the Active Ministering Fund. Since 2000, the capital fund has grown to $243,250 and the foundation has granted more than $237,610 to a variety of projects over the intervening years, which have attracted an estimated additional $804,500 matching grants.

Capital Fund
The Capital Fund receives donations (in any form) as investment capital to produce income over the longer term. Gifts to this fund are received with the donor’s written direction that they be held for ten years or more. Capital funds are excluded from the calculations for mandatory annual spending. Income (interest) from the Capital Fund is spent as active ministering funds.

Active Ministering Fund
The Active Ministering Fund receives income (interest) from the Capital Fund plus donations to fund the Foundation’s grants and administrative expenses. The fund supports sustainable, community-based projects in which the beneficiaries (community members) are able to help themselves.