About us

Trinity Jubilee Foundation Inc. (T.J.F.) is a local registered charitable foundation which receives donations exclusively for charitable purposes. T.J.F. focuses on raising funds to provide grants to qualified recipients in support of projects improving the well-being of some of the disadvantaged in society, in both Canada and developing countries around the world. The recipients are empowered, and communities are able to move toward hope and self-sufficiency.

T.J.F. was founded by Trinity United Church Ottawa, Canada in response to the Jubilee challenge of 2000 to redistribute accumulated wealth. Registered as a charitable foundation in November 2000, T.J.F. is a means to share our wealth with the World’s most impoverished. The Foundation’s grants, often matched by Canadian Government funding, may not solve the injustices of the world, but they provide HOPE.

Operating Principles and Procedures

The Foundation receives project proposals, primarily from professional organizations/agencies which are experienced in organzing and managing development programs, and are able to access leveraging funds from national and/or international development assistance programs (e.g. Canadian Government). The Board of Directors selects the project(s) to support based on the following criteria: Project Selection Criteria. The Foundation gives priority to projects which will:


  • Help people develop community-based, demand-driven solutions;


  • Involve recipients in the planning and development of projects, thus contributing to capacity development (e.g. leadership and skills development) and a sense of ownership of the project;


  • Make the most significant contribution, for the investment, to enhancing the quality of life in the community;


  • Be sustainable and contribute long-term benefits;


  • Be able to link with other commercial/community organizations to facilitate local, national or international support and follow-up; and,


  • Be managed by organizations which are committed to maintaining these principles. Matching funds formulae from the Canadian Government and other agencies means that every $100 donated by TJF could become as much as $400 of project money.


Submissions for 2024 will be accepted until August 31, 2024

All previous annual reports are available upon request (2008 - 2022)